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Back to work!

2011-05-22 17:09:51 by Graton

Hey there! (i even wonder if anyone is viewing my page at the moment o.o')
Just a little update about my musical works: I am going to retry editing with fruity loops and making music, so watch out for any new content!

I've got incredibly inspired by Motoi Sakuraba's compositions and other RPG musics, epecially the Golden Sun OST which is my favorite, and I'm now working on several songs of the same kind. There's a battle music in progress, heavily inspired by this

/* */
The percussions and tempo are nearly the same, bringing adrenaline to the song, and the synths are in the same spirit of Sakuraba's creations.

EDIT: All of this with Chrono Trigger/FF6 samples!

That's all for now, stay tuned!


2009-12-18 18:54:46 by Graton

I decided to sumbit here the music I do for Movin'guts, the mod (of the open-source game Tremulous) on wich I'm working.

First music and cover released!